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Developer: Florian Liederbach (Apology Games)
Est. Release Date: October 1st, 2016
Platforms: Windows / Linux / TBA
Availability: Digital Download on various platforms (TBA)
File Size: ~ 180 MB unzipped / installed
Press Contact:
Development time: 7 months
Team Size: 1


FIGHTING SPACE is a classic horizontal scrolling shoot em up game with staggering hectic gameplay (in a good way!), smashing soundtrack, all in an aesthetic reminiscent of titles of the DOS shareware hype during the 90’s.
Set in the vague far future, as part of the Confederate Fleet, players take the role of different elite pilots and must fight their way through a conflict-ridden solar system by the name of Hell’s Kitchen, to restore order and repel an otherworldly invasion.

On their journey to the very origin of the intruders, they must use their cunning, reflexes and firepower to succeed. The fleet’s shipyard allows them ship upgrading and customization with cash earned and technologies found. But make no mistake! With each planet liberated, the challenges get tougher and the stakes higher.

If you love games with relentless action, retro art, engaging music and have a faible for the shareware classics that you grew up with… then suit up and go for FIGHTING SPACE!


  • 14 different stages spread across jungle worlds, icey wastes, asteroid belts, and interdimensional vaults.

  • More than 40 enemy types and 10 intense boss fights.

  • Choose between 7 different pilots, each with their own set of abilites.

  • Discover new technologies throughout your journey and equip them in the shipyard.

  • 50+ different weapons, ships and upgrades.

  • Local 2 player and gamepad support! Bring a friend!

  • Pilot-Rescue™ saves your pilot in case of capital hull damage. Hitchhike to the next checkpoint or be saved by your team mate!

  • Features a 15 piece original soundtrack.

  • Local and global leaderboards. Reach for the top spot!

  • Full language support for English, French, Spanish and German.

  • 2 different game modes (Arcade&Classic) on 3 challenging difficulty levels.

  • Unlockable hidden game modes, pilots & content.


Promo Trailer


Gameplay Preview Stage 1 & 2




Apology is a small game dev studio from Germany. It’s so tiny, using „we“ and „us“ would be considered schizophrenic!

FL_Credits_Bit_256Flo has been a passionate gamer & modder for almost two decades, his biggest influences being titles that shipped in sierra-boxes back in the day. Doing stuff with computers is kind of his thing. He also enjoys music. And cheesecake.

Helping hands & most valued morale dispensers for Apology are:

Translations & Testing: Monica Martinez, One Arrizabalaga

Additional Testing: David Zaadstra, Sascha Siebert, Ralf Graeff