A system full of wonders! And death!

Welcome to Hell’s Kitchen, a contested system in the Confederation-controlled sector. In conflict with the interstellar Conglomerate, a multi-system megacorp and facing an alien invasion, Confederation forces have more than a handful of work around here.

Confederate Pilots

Meet the Confederation elite squad, a highly trained – or sometimes well programmed – draft of fighter pilots ordered to restore peace to Hell’s Kitchen.

Admiral Blunt, a seasoned fleet veteran at the age of 83, is in charge of the operation. Blunt’s years of experience in space combat exceed the total of the remaining squad.

Being the highest decorated ace of the squad, Lilith excels in her dogfighting skills and became a household name for her unparalleled accuracy.

Born, raised and drafted on the Civilian Bay on Terranova, Aunty Bloodsuck is notorious for her reckless spite for the enemy.

C.R.A.N.I.A.C. – The “Confederate Rechenautomat Number IAC-100” is a quantum computer driven A.I. that forms the squads intelligence backbone. It is also known for it’s creative cooking attempts.

New to the squad, Hans has had already multiple disciplinary measures for his unconventional attempts on … problem solving.

The Fleet ships

The Confederate Forces have many different ships and weapon systems at their disposal.
Check out some of the ships!

The Hammerhead Rookie is a solid choice for experienced pilots and beginners likewise.

Pilots with serious issues in anger management get covered by the Blood Raven with built-in kamikaze features.

Safety first! That was the design motto for the Dimension Screamer, a ship that can turn temporarily indestructible.

The Flying Fortress houses deadly weaponry and is protected by the strongest hull & shields available. It marks the top end of Confederate Fleet tech.


An arsenal of more than twenty different lasers, plasma cannons and missile systems can be used to equip the ships.

The AutoCannon has a built-in tracking sensor and targets incoming enemy vessels.

The Boomerang launches high-energy plasma discs that slice through everything in their path.

The Confederation MKI Railgun is capable of taking down even the biggest enemy vessels.

The Rocket Battery launches a volley of high explosive missiles.


14 different stages spread across djungle worlds, icey wastes, asteroid belts, and interdimensional vaults!

More than 40 enemy types + 10 intense boss fights!

Discover new technologies throughout your journey and equip them in the shipyard!

Full gamepad & 2 player support! Bring a friend!

Features a 15-piece original soundtrack!

60+ different weapons, ships and upgrades!

Choose between 7 different pilots, each with their own set of abilities!

Pilot-Rescue(tm) saves your pilot in case of capital hull damage!* Hitchhike to the next checkpoint!

*Applies only to humanoid pilots – sorry C.R.A.N.I.A.C.

Local and global leaderboards! Reach for the top spot!

Full multi-language support

Awesomesauce! Tell me what to do!

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